July 1, 2019

Paul McKenna, Project Manager


Paul was appointed Project Manager for the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) RECIRCULATE project in October 2017. Prior to this he was working as a Business Partnerships Manager from 2011, within the Enterprise and Business Partnerships (EBP) team in the Lancaster Environment Centre. Through this role he identified, developed and supported new collaborative research opportunities and partnerships relevant to a broad spectrum of expertise across LEC. He also handled relationship management of key research partnerships across LEC (e.g. Environment Agency) and a number of resident companies.

The role provided support to members of staff considering opportunities for collaborative working both across LEC and with other partners to exploit new and more diverse income streams for research. He also provided project management of post-award processes, project reporting and monitoring of major LEC research collaborations and projects.

He has previously worked with the Associate Director for Research and Research Promotions Officer in carrying out the preparations for LEC’s submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) in 2014.

Prior to this role he was the coordinator of a £1.2M Environment Agency Air Quality Umbrella Project and coordinated the first UK Conference on Energy Policy, “Will the lights go out?” in December 2004.