Paul McKenna, Project Manager

  Paul was appointed Project Manager for the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) RECIRCULATE project in October 2017. Prior to this he was working as a Business Partnerships Manager from 2011, within the Enterprise and Business Partnerships (EBP) team in the Lancaster Environment Centre. Through this role he identified, developed and supported new collaborative research […]

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Resource recovery from wastes: production of safe and sustainable fertiliser from human, agricultural and food waste streams

Supervisors Professor Kirk Semple (LEC) Professor Alastair Martin (Engineering) Professor Lawrence Ezemonye (University of Benin, Nigeria) Dr Francis Boateng Agyenim (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Ghana) Description The overall aim of the project will focus broadly on resource recovery from organic wastes, including human, agricultural and food waste streams. Through anaerobic digestion (AD) of […]

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