Africa Research and Innovation PartnershipThe Africa Research and Innovation Partnership (ARIP) is a distinctive inter-disciplinary, multi-sectoral consortium facilitating dialogue between the institutions to explore collaborative research, training and capacity building.

Through ARIP, key trusted African partners will be brought together to create an inter-disciplinary, multi-sectoral research and innovation consortium. This will bring visibility to all and allow partners as a consortium to explore opportunities to conduct research and capacity building activities that maximise the reach and impact across the African continent. ARIP will build on communication and capacity building strategies developed from the UK-funded Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) RECIRCULATE and ACTUATE projects.

Our partnership values

  • We respect each other by being open and fair and promoting diversity
  • We build strong communities by working effectively together in a supportive way
  • We create positive change by being ambitious in our learning, expertise and action