Turning Waste into Energy & Safe Fertilizer in Nigeria

Composite image of waste, digesters, compost and tomatoes

RECIRCULATE research at UniBEN explores new approaches to biogas production and the circular water economy The vital role of energy supply in the development of any nation is recognised by “Affordable and Clean Energy” being one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG7).  It is easy to equate ‘energy’ with access to electricity, and […]

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Waste not, want not

Lancaster & University of Benin research team in the lab

Research unlocking the potential use of organic “waste” for energy production and sustainable food production in West Africa  “Waste” is never going to be the most headline-catching topic is it?  Perhaps you would rather be reading about more high-profile topics with more obvious links to the sustainable development goals (SDGs)? Human health is on everyone’s […]

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The Acid Test

AD lab reactors

Research to develop anaerobic digestion systems to produce sustainable energy and a safe fertilizer for use in sustainable food production.   Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a naturally occurring microbial process combined with carefully designed engineering to convert human, agricultural and other organic wastes efficiently into biogas for use as a fuel. For instance, commercial AD systems use on–site industrial organic waste to generate heat and power. Other dedicated waste treatment units use […]

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Interdisciplinary research delivering “joined-up” solutions to multiple sustainable development goals

Victoria at work in the lab

Working together to find new strategies to eliminate human pathogens in organic wastes through low–energy cost anaerobic digestion.  Waste management is a major global challenge. In Sub-Saharan African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana, inadequate waste management systems pose significant risks both to human health and to the environment. The handling and disposal of human […]

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Promoting sustainable biogas for communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Technical Session with CMADI

One of the key objectives of RECIRCULATE is driving eco-innovation in Africa, through capacity building for a safe circular water economy. Of considerable importance is using partnership-based approaches to enable African researchers grow transformational impact through working with non-governmental organizations, business groups and communities in developing robust, sustainable and equitable partnerships focused on delivering impactful […]

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